LEGO® Star Wars™ Force Builder
Engineering, Product Design, UI/UX
Lightsaber Escape: A Chrome Experiment
Creative Direction, Engineering, Game Design
Straight Outta Somewhere
Web Development
Infinite Diamonds
Branding, Creative Direction, Entrepreneurship
Frankenweenie-fy Your Pet
Art Direction, Interaction Design, Web Development
Spiritguard Udyr
Animation, Motion Graphics, Programming
Yasuo, the Unforgiven
Animation, Motion Graphics
Beasts of the Southern Wild
Animation, Interaction Design, Web Development
The Thing: Station Survival
Creative Direction, Game Design, Programming
Harry Potter 7: Motorbike Escape
Art Direction, Game Design, Programming
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Art Direction, Interaction Design, Web Development
Party Rock
Architecture, Interior Design, Programming
Cabin in the Woods
Animation, Interaction Design, Motion Graphics
Captain America: The First Avenger
Interaction Design, Motion Graphics
Edgerton Droplets
Creative Direction, Photography
Mobile Augmented Reality Demo (2011)
Engineering, Game Design, Interaction Design
Little Fockers: Bouncy Castle Battle
Game Design, UI/UX, Web Development
The Expendables: Infinite Trailer
Animation, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects
Halo Waypoint
Graphic Design, Interaction Design
Tree of Life
Interaction Design, Web Development
OKC Thunder Projects
Art Direction
Aron Design Portfolio
Branding, Creative Direction, Web Development