Against the backdrop of the infinite, a universe forever expanding and contracting, we view short clips from The Tree of Life, 20 moments of elusive meaning paired with relevant lines penned by Terrence Malick specifically for this feature.
At turns elegant and hypnotic, this water cooler site that didn’t just spark conversation – it facilitated it, allowing visitors to comment on the site’s video content and share these clips across social networks. When The Tree of Life was released to both critical and commercial success, ‘Two Ways Through Life’ provided the perfect online companion piece. 
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"20 images rotate hypnotically on an elegant wheel of fortune featuring 20 moments from the film. Clicking each photo causes a clip to play like elusive snippets of memory. Feels a bit like shelling pistachio nuts but the bite-site kernels sure look tasty. "
"This is one of those websites to just stop and stare at while watching some of the odd/beautiful clips filled within. Just visit: and choose a path. The background score also very... interesting. Enjoy!"